Big Sibs

All big sibs are carefully selected Stanford students who are passionate about helping local high school students. Because college students are already close in age to high school students, they are in a unique and valuable position to understand little's day-to-day pressures, while still serving as a trusted resource for advice and information.

Big Sibs have not been chosen yet for the 2013-2014 school year, but check back soon!

2013-2013 Big Sibs

Meet our spectacular team of big sibs for the 2012-2013 school year!

Kelly Nguyen

I am Kelly Nguyen, an undeclared sophomore from Southern California. Currently, I am a research assistant in the Stanford Vision and NeuroDevelopment Lab. Greatly influenced by the Alternative Spring Break trip on Asian American Issues, I have organized events with the Stanford Asian American Activism Committee. My favorite hobbies include meditation, alliteration and puns and poetry, and community service. I joined AAWP because I aim to disprove the stigmas of mental health through educational outreach.

Christine McFadden

Hi everyone! I'm a Master's student from Portland, Oregon majoring in East Asian Studies. I graduated from Stanford last spring majoring in International Relations and minoring in Japanese. When I'm not working on my thesis, I'm working as a Managing Editor for a start-up magazine featuring Asian Americans in leadership. My personal interests include swimming, playing tennis, drinking boba, and going to whatever concerts I can find. I'm really excited to be an AAWP mentor this year and can't wait to meet you!

Sherman Leung

Born and raised in a community named after classical composers, maybe my love for music was inevitable. I'm a fan of anything musical-but I particularly love anything bluesy or jazzy! A freshman at Stanford, I'm a tenor in the R&B/soul group, Everyday People. I'm one of the co-presidents of my dorm, an intern with the Asian American Student Assocation, and on the board for the Student Society of Stem Cell Research. Academically, I have interests in Biology and American Law (which basically means I'm kinda pre-med and pre-law at the same time...) My Christian faith is also a fairly large part of who I am, and I was part of the worship team. Other than that, I love playing basketball, watching SUITS/How I Met Your Mother, and eating! I'm super excited to be a part of AAWP. We're gonna have an awesome year - get pumped!

Vivian Vu

A newly-minted freshman, I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, bursting at the seams with enthusiasm. I'm neither techie nor fuzzy because I am passionate about both. My interests range from the neurobiology of Phelan- McDermid syndrome to classical Greek epics to charitable microfinance. I am a frequent baker, amateur potter, ardent dancer, and terrible skier, but I enjoy trying it all. I enjoy learning about other cultures, and my spirit lives on travel, particularly to island nations. I come from San Jose, CA and I absolutely adore the Bay Area. When Iím not practicing my Spanish or Vietnamese with the local immigrant community or eating amazing falafels (Falafel Drive Through, San Joseócheck it out!), I love playing volleyball or struggling to stay upright while ice skating.

Ashley Ngu

Hello! The name's Ashley, but you can call me Ash. I'm an undeclared freshman interested in engineering and biology. If I'm not sleeping, eating, or studying, there is a great likelihood that I will be on my computer. I enjoy ridiculously awful puns and I love to make people laugh. I became an AAWP mentor so I could provide support, stress-relief, and advice to high school students.

Serenity Nguyen

My name is Serenity Nguyen and I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I love doing artwork, and have worked at The Daily as an artist and as a graphics designer for HOPES at Stanford. I spend most of time enjoying music of the lowest fidelity and improving my vertical jump. One day I plan to move to Portland to manage a chain of off-brand micro-breweries.

Ethan Li

Hallo! I'm Ethan, and I'm a freshman who is probably majoring in bioengineering, though other STEM fields also interest me. Outside of academic fun, I will most likely be chilling with friends or working on getting more involved in volunteering and activism regarding LGBTQ issues. Other personal interests of mine include programming, reading science fiction or nonfiction, and studying history, philosophy, and languages ó especially Latin and Interlingua, which I'm trying to teach myself. I am now involved with AAWP because I know how difficult life in high school can get, and I'd love to help y'all deal with anything that makes you less satisfied with how things are going.

Angela Chou

My name is Angela, and I am a junior majoring in Economics and Architectural Design. I was born and raised in Taiwan but have have spent parts of my life in New Zealand, Oregon and France. On campus, I am a marketing associate at Stanford Marketing Group and a research assistant at the Culture and Emotions Lab. My interests include singing, traveling, learning languages, wine-tasting and shopping. I joined AAWP because I recognize the psychological challenges one may face being a bi-cultural individual and hope to be there to help those in need!

Lena Hong

My name is Lena and I am from Korea. I grew up in Corning, New York but my parents moved me back to Korea for high school. I love to listen to music and play the piano. I love talking to people and giving them advice if they need any. I also love receiving them. I am always willing to learn from everyone and like to keep an open mind about things. I am so excited to part of AAWP and to meet so many great people!

Pats Limacaoco

My name is Pats Limcaoco and I'm from Manila, Philippines! I'm currently a senior at Stanford majoring in Human Biology and Psychology. I am particularly interested in the study of mental health, children and adolescents, development, and the social environmental determinants of health. I like to be with friends and family, laugh a lot, run, play outside, go to the beach, take pictures, dance, compete, and eat! You can find me running around campus, hanging out with friends and family, doing all kinds of activities with the Pilipino American Student Union (PASU), studying, or at Yogurtland. Looking forward to the wonderful year ahead!

Hye Jeong Yoon

Hey everyone! I'm Hye Jeong, a junior/sophomore halfie (I took a year off!) wanting to major in International Studies or East Asian Studies, both focusing on S. Korea. I grew up in San Diego, but have been living in Los Angeles for a long time. I am extremely interested in marginalized groups in Korea such as the queer community, illegal immigrants, and North Korean refugees that live in Korea, and my dream is to find work that directly relates to aiding these groups. I love to sing with a multi-cultural music a cappella where we sing music from all over the world, mainly music from the anti-apartheid movement in S. Africa and the African diaspora. I also love to nom on veggies, cook, watch too much TV and movies (horror all the way), and generally geek out about zombies. I joined AAWP to provide an open, listening, accepting ear to anyone who might need it. I look forward to meeting you!

Ahra Cho

I was born in South Korea and moved to southern California when I was 8 months old. Even though, I'm Korean in citizenship, it is almost as if I was born here. I still love kpop and kdramas; I have several Korean celebrity obsessions. I never lost interest in the Korean culture and my ability to communicate in Korean got betterónot worseóover the years I lived in the US. This is because my parents first settled in Koreatown, a small region in Los Angeles where many Koreans have gathered together. There were many other Koreans at my school and in the neighborhood and Korean markets, restaurants, and stores could be easily accessed. And of course, letís not forget the tremendous family pressure to excel academically. The balance between this pressure, my desires, other stress factors, and my wellbeing was difficult to find but it all worked out in the end.

WeiWei Bi

Weiwei Bi, 18, is a current freshman at Stanford University. She has absolutely no idea what she'll be majoring in (no, really) but thoroughly enjoys experimenting with all that Stanford offers. Some of her interests include running, violin-ing, painting, singing and dancing (not well), capture the flag and talking about feelings. Weiwei's developing relationship with her Chinese background is an important staple of the person she is today. Through AAWP, she hopes to help others use Asian identity in a way that is healthy and will bring them happiness and success.

Samantha Chang

I am a junior from Palo Alto, California, majoring in Management Science & Engineering. I love spicy food, knitting, and driving on the freeway. I look up to Hillary Clinton and JK Rowling (even though I've never read a single Harry Potter book).