The 2013-2014 AAWP Core!

Vivian Vu, President
Class of 2016 | Biology

Hi, I'm Vivian. I'm neither techie nor fuzzy because I am passionate about both. My interests range from the neurobiology of Phelan- McDermid syndrome to classical Greek epics to charitable microfinance. I am a frequent baker, amateur potter, ardent dancer, and terrible skier, but I enjoy trying it all. I enjoy learning about other cultures. My spirit lives on travel, particularly to island nations. I come from San Jose, CA and I absolutely adore the Bay Area. When Iím not practicing my Spanish or Vietnamese with the local immigrant community or eating amazing falafels (Falafel Drive In, San Joseócheck it out!), I love playing volleyball or struggling to stay upright while ice skating.

Catherine Zaw, Vice-President
Class of 2015 | Biology, Linguistics

Hey, I'm Cat. Hailing from the east coast, I have worn black since seventh grade. I sleep occasionally and procrastinate more. Besides eating, I love creative writing, swimming, and jamming to electronic/dance and hard rock/metal music. I also greatly enjoy sad story/movie endings, masochistic challenges, and the winter sun.

Ashley Ngu, Webmistress/Publicity Officer
Class of 2016 | Computer Science, Art

Hello! The name's Ashley, but you can call me Ash. f I'm not sleeping, eating, or studying, there is a great likelihood that I will be on my computer. I enjoy ridiculously awful puns and I love to make people laugh. I joined AAWP so I could provide support, stress-relief, and advice to high school students.

Tim Truong, Treasurer
Class of 2014 | Economics

Hi, my name is Tim Truong. I got involved with AAWP in order to be a positive mentor for Asian high school students who could benefit from having a person to talk to and who would empathize with their problems. Outside of AAWP and classwork, I am an avid fan of sports. You can often spot me on the sidelines of Stanford football games with the Stanford Axe Committee. I also like to cook and eat food just like any good Asian and I'm really into trying new things. I am looking forward towards another year of AAWP!