Our Purpose

  • We strive to build personal strength and skills in high school students necessary to handle life stressors in an Asian-American context.
  • We strive to construct a safe space where students can openly discuss any issues they face.

About the Program

Big sibs are trained Stanford undergraduates who are eager to support and advise their little sibs in any way possible. The purpose of meetups is to provide a welcoming space for students to relax and bond with big sibs through food, fun activities and events. The big sibs will lead workshops that help youth to successfully tackle a variety of issues, ranging from handling stress to improving familial relationships.

Why We Care

We've all been through high school. It's a confusing time with a mix of academic, family, and social pressure. Asian-Americans experience unique challenges and we want to discuss those with current high school students so no one feels as if they're alone in facing difficulties.

Did you know that Asian-Americans are the least likely to use mental health services out of every ethnic group in the country?

We're here to clear the stigma. We're here to talk. We're here to listen.

Contact us at aawp.stanford@gmail.com with any questions you may have about us, the program, or life at large.